The Rutherglen Region & Muscat - Morris of Rutherglen

The Rutherglen Region & Muscat


The historic Rutherglen boasts 150 years of winemaking history. The cool nights, warm days and long, dry autumns make for ideal viticultural conditions for pioneering varietals that are uniquely Australian in spirit such as the world famous Rutherglen Muscat.

Rutherglen is recognised for producing unique fortified wines full of richness and is typically made from the Muscat à Petit Grain Rouge grape, known locally as Brown Muscat. Super-ripe, late-harvested grapes are only partly fermented then aged for long periods in old oak barrels of various sizes. Ranging from bright raisiny sweetness in its youth to more intense, complex and rich flavours of fruit cake, mocha and citrus peel as it ages, Muscat pairs beautifully with a post-dinner platter of strong cheeses with nuts and dried fruit or rich chocolate desserts to match the smooth luscious texture.

At Morris of Rutherglen we are very proud to be one of the pioneers in creating the Rutherglen Muscat (Black Label). We are also delighted to have all four Muscat classification available for our consumers. 1) Rutherglen Muscat 3-5yrs (Black Label) 2) Classic Muscat 6-10yrs 3) Grand Cellar Reserve 15yrs 4) Rare Muscat 20+ yrs.

We usually conduct Masterclasses for groups by appointment, and our cellar door always has Muscat flights with the four classifications up for tasting by request. We hope that once it is safe again to open the doors of our winery, that we can take you on a journey of our regions most cherished varietal here in Rutherglen.