Old Premium Rare Topaque


Only the best vintages are selected for the Old Premium Rare range. The art lies in the blending of very old and much younger material, to impart intense, concentrated and luscious flavours with aged complexity, complemented by fresh fruit characters from younger wines. Considered the delicate cousin to Muscat, the Topaque varietal is a hallmark for Australian fortified wine. Approximately 20 years of age.

Winemakers' Notes

Golden brown with green hues, honey and butterscotch aromas with rich nutty and oak influences. The palate offers concentrated flavours, smooth and silky texture with soft spirit leading to a relatively dry, long finish.


Grapes are left on vine as long as possible to maximise sugar levels before hand-picking. They are crushed, partially fermented, pressed and fortified. The wine is transferred to casks and barrels for maturation.

Alcohol: 18%

Region: Rutherglen

Vintage: Non Vintage

Varietal: Muscadelle

Bottle Size: 500mL