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Mother’s Day with Morris Of Rutherglen

20th April 2021 | Written by client

While they may be famous for their fortified wines, fifth and sixth generation Morris winemakers, David and Madden, their Rutherglen reds wines are what they’ll be sipping on Mother’s Day. We caught up with them at their Rutherglen winery to see what they are planning for the special day.

How do you make your Mum feel special on Mother’s Day?

David: Mother’s Day is a family affair for us, we celebrate both my wife and mother by giving them the day off, taking them out for a nice lunch and recognising their efforts.

Madden: Mother’s Day falls at the perfect time as Mum probably hasn’t seen me much during the vintage period so she is normally just happy to have me back home. The day will usually consist of Dad and me making her breakie, and my sister and me taking her and Grandma out for lunch.

What wine will you be sharing with your Mum on Mother’s Day?

David: Actually, we’ve been drinking the Peter Lehmann Wines Wigan Riesling for 20 odd years and it pairs beautifully with a good lunch. Then, of course, we will follow up with the Sparkling Shiraz Durif – it wouldn’t be a true Morris luncheon without it!

Madden: Mum is a massive fan of the Sparkling Shiraz Durif, but if we take something out for lunch with us it would have to be the Blue Imperial.

Take a leaf out of the Morris’ book and treat your Mum with a Morris of Rutherglen wine. The Sparkling Shiraz Durif, as well as their world class tawny port, topaque and muscat wines are available at www.casellacellar.com.

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