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Heralded as one of the world’s finest fortified wineries, Morris Wines is an iconic Australian winery with over 150 years of history and winemaking tradition.

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Our Story

Over 155 years, the Morris family have earned their esteemed position as one of the most prominent wine-making families in Australia. Today, David Morris continues their wine making history combining tradition with contemporary techniques, ensuring that the Morris name remains one of the Australia’s most iconic and respected wine family dynasties. Let the Morris family story unfold…

David Morris

Fifth Generation and Chief Winemaker

When his father Mick, one of Rutherglen’s favourite sons, retired in 1993 David became the fifth generation Morris to become winemaker at the company’s Mia Mia winery, 15km east of Rutherglen on the rich Brown’s Plains.

As the guardian of Morris Wines, David reveres his family’s rich history, yet humbly understates his own place within it. Today, David has earned a reputation as one of the world’s greatest fortified winemakers for his ability to create celebrated, world renowned wines year after year.

It’s an incredible legacy that David Morris has been born into, yet it’s an amazing path that he is paving for himself, and in turn the winemaking families of Rutherglen.

Meet David >

Who is the greatest influence in your winemaking life?

"My father. The main thing I do with the grapes and wine is to keep doing the same things the family has been doing for decades. Echoing throughout my winemaking life at Morris is my father’s great belief to "Always Deliver Flavour".

What is your approach to winemaking?

"I believe strongly in an uncomplicated, mediated approach to winemaking. Hold back the oak; rely on the full flavoured, generous Rutherglen fruit. The flavour and structure are there, you don’t need to do much to the grapes to reveal their magic".

Morris has many loyal drinkers, how would you describe them?

"Morris wine drinkers are great supporters that stick by us through thick and thin. As a family owned winery, we see all of our drinkers as an extended part of our family and community."

You have won numerous awards, how does that make you feel?

"The wine show accolades are a great way for new people to see the wines of the region but I believe it is the wines that win the medals and not me personally. They are a result of a team effort and the family tradition we work within".

What winemaking philosophy do you live by?

"I would have to use a football analogy, you’re only as good as your last game, and it is imperative to make quality wine for the story to continue"


Fortified Wines

The art of these wines lies in the blending of very old and much younger material. They have no equivalent in any other part of the world
-James Halliday Wine Companion 2016

Apera is the Australian expression of Sherry, a native wine of Jerez in Spain. Created with Muscat of Alexandria and Palomino grapes, Apera uses a unique “Solera” system that blends wines through different layers of stacked barrels as it ages. This system, in conjunction with a layer of yeast or “flor” seals off oxygen at varying degrees resulting in a dry and pale Apera for wines with a thick flor to darker, richer and more intense wine produced from wine with less flor present. Apera is the ideal wine to be served as an Aperitif.

A fortified wine created with sun kissed Australian fruit sets this wine apart from any other Tawny style in the world and is a favourite amongst consumers. The warm climate of Rutherglen and the use of strictly French varietals results in a rich and rounded wine delivering concentrated flavours of caramel, vanilla bean and nutty overtones. Tawny is wonderful served chilled – an ideal wine for Australian Christmas!

Muscat is a wine style unique to Australia. Made from Muscat à Petit Grain Rouge, known locally as Brown Muscat, these wine captivate wine consumers with their richness and intensity of flavour. Ranging from bright rainsiny sweetness in its youth to more intense, complex and rich flavours of fruit cake, mocha and citrus peel as it ages. An ideal after dinner wine, Muscat pairs beautifully with chocolate, fruity desserts or strong cheeses.

Considered the lighter, finer cousin of Muscat, Topaque is produced from Muscadelle which is a white wine grape. The wine takes on a caramel hue from its extended time in oak and displays candied fruits, honey, toffee and a distinctive cold tea character on the palate. Created in four distinct styles, there is a Topaque for all occasions.

Mia Pale Flor Apera

An outstanding dry flor style.

Mia Aged Amber Apera

Great example of an Apera showing excellent barrel-aged character with approximately 15 years of age.

Black Label Tawny

An easy drinking Tawny showing good wood ageing and strong fruit character.

Classic Tawny

An excellent Tawny showing good wood ageing and strong fruit character.

Cellar Reserve Grand

The benefit of time is evident in this classic tawny - rich, sweet & persistent. Approximately 15 years of age.

Black Label Rutherglen Liqueur Muscat

Strong scented Muscat bouquet of the highest character.

Classic Liqueur Muscat

The aromatic fruit character and luscious Muscat flavours produce a rich mouth-filling wine.

Cellar One Classic Liqueur Muscat

Fragrant, rich and complex this is an Australian favourite.

Cellar Reserve Grand Liqueur Muscat

A classic example of this wine style. Only available online and at Cellar Door.

Old Premium Rare Liqueur Muscat

This world acclaimed Liqueur Muscat has won numerous Gold Medals & Trophies.

CHM Muscat

A limited release of a luscious and rich blend from the best of the Morris barrels. Subject to availability and not available for tasting. This beauty is around 80 years old.

Classic Liqueur Topaque

A concentrated nose showing great depths of malty Topaque characters.

Cellar One Classic Liqueur Topaque

A complex blend of aged and younger wines has created a great example of why Topaque is a true Classic of Rutherglen.

Cellar Reserve Grand Liqueur Topaque

Rich concentrated Topaque with complex lingering flavours. Available only at Cellar Door.

Old Premium Rare Liqueur Topaque

A rich concentration of flavours, smooth and silky, with a honey, butterscotch nose.

Vintage Port

Produced from the best vineyards in only exceptional years, Morris Wines Vintage Port gains its intensity and finesse from short maturation in oak and a considerable amount more in bottle. In its youth it displays intense spice and winter fruit aromas that evolve with age into cooked fruit and vegetal notes. A beautiful wine for special occasions.

Vintage Port

Made in a Portuguese style using the a blend of the fruit of vintage to deliver a rich full flavoured wine.

Table Wines

Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Delicate and crisp with restrained toasty character. Only available at Cellar Door and online.

Sparkling Shiraz Durif

A blend of Shiraz and Durif grapes - bottle fermented. Big, bold and beautiful.


Full rounded fruit flavours over a background of soft oak.

'The Percheron' King Valley Chardonnay

From high altitude vineyards in the King Valley. Stone fruit and lemon pith characters supported by restrained toasty oak and a soft creamy texture.

Bin 80 Blue Imperial

A signature wine. Handpicked, crushed into open fermenters and basket pressed. Ideal with Mediterranean dishes.

GSM (Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre)

Raspberry, spice ripe black fruits and pepper make this an exciting wine that provides layers of flavour and intrigue.

Bin No 186 Shiraz

A stylish red with plenty of rich Rutherglen flavour.

Basket Press Cabernet Sauvignon

A full bodied Rutherglen red with concentration of fruit and tannin. A well balanced wine with excellent medium term cellaring potential.

'The Criollo' Victorian Malbec

A premium Malbec rich and flavoursome with ripe red fruit characters. Ideal with red meats, particularly steak.

Bin No 158 Durif

Morris flagship. Pioneered by Mick Morris in the 1950's, the Morris Durif is a true icon of Australian wine.

CHM Durif

Named after Charles Henry “Mick” Morris who is regarded as the pioneer of Durif in Australia. A nose of rich dark fruits and a concentrated yet balanced palate. Only made in exceptional years.


Ask David Morris exactly how many awards Morris wines have won over the years and he will dismiss the question in his characteristically humble way.

What he can’t deny is that the wines are widely recognised for their exceptional quality, amassing over 4,000 awards from the some of the most prestigious wine shows in the world.

We can't list them all so here are some of the most recent:

  • NV Morris Wines Old Premium Rare Liqueur Topaque Royal Melbourne Wine Awards The Bill Chambers Trophy for Best Fortified Wine
  • NV Morris Wines Old Premium Rare Liqueur Topaque KPMG Royal Sydney Wine Show
  • Morris Wines Cellar One Classic Liqueur Topaque Decanter - Platinum
  • Old Premium Rare Liqueur Topaque Decanter - Gold
  • Old Premium Rare Liqueur Muscat NV James Halliday Wine Companion 2017 - 98 Points
  • Cellar Reserve Grand Tawny NV James Halliday Wine Companion 2017 - 96 Points
  • Old Premium Rare Liqueur Topaque NV James Halliday Wine Companion 2017 - 96 Points
  • Cellar One Classic Liqueur Rutherglen Topaque NV James Halliday Wine Companion 2017 - 94 Points
  • Classic Liqueur Topaque NV James Halliday Wine Companion 2017 - 93 Points
  • Classic Liqueur Muscat NV James Halliday Wine Companion 2017 - 93 Points

Cellar Door

James Halliday 5 Star Rated Winery 2016

Should you visit Rutherglen, a town of less than 2,000 people situated in the North East of Victoria, down a long driveway flanked by vineyards you will find the historic Morris Wines, a small family-run winery famous for producing some of the world’s finest fortified wines.

Located within the heart of the winery, the atrium style Cellar Door was designed by legendary Australian architect; Robyn Boyd and constructed in 1972. Offering views of the century old storage casks and famous dirt floors, the Cellar Door offers an up close experience to the making of our world famous wines.

The full range of Morris wines is offered for tasting, including those exclusive to Cellar Door visitors.

Visit Us

Mia Mia Road, Rutherglen, VIC 3685 Phone: (02) 6026 7303

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 9am – 5pm Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 5pm
Historical photograph of the old cellar door.